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About the Writing Center Handouts

The Writing Center Handouts are intended to aid students in their efforts to produce quality, professional writing. Each handout provides guidelines and suggestions compiled from recent sources within the academic writing discipline. The handouts outline techniques that help students effectively engage in the writing process. The Writing Center hopes that the use of these handouts will assist in accomplishing its mission to help students not only produce better writing but become better writers themselves. The following is a list of all seven categories of handouts and the handouts contained within each one:

The Writing Process

The Writing Process; Invention as Brainstorming; Audience; Revision; Logical Fallacies; Finding and Evaluating Sources; Incorporating Quotations; Plagiarism


Titles; Thesis Statements; Introductions; Transitions; Paragraph Unity and Coherence; Conclusions

Formatting/Style Guides

APA Format; MLA Format; Turabian Format; CSE-style Documentation


Parallel Structure; Varying Sentence Structure; Avoiding Faulty Shifts in Writing; Active and Passive Voice; Economy in Writing; Levels of Diction; Vocabulary Building; Dangling and Misplaced Modifiers; Pronoun Usage


Commas; Comma Splices; Apostrophes; Punctuating a Series; Colon, Hyphen, Dash, and Semicolon; Punctuating Quotations and Citations; Punctuating Parenthetical Word Groups; Capitalization; Verbs that Take Specific Prepositions; English as a Second Language

Essay Prompts

150 Op-Ed; Rhetorical Analysis: Pre-writing; Rhetorical Analysis: Writing; Rhetorical Analysis; Revision; Literary/Textual Analysis; Basics of the Research paper; Writing Timed Essays; Personal Essay


Résumés; Graduate School Admissions Essay; Letter of Application & Follow-up; Scannable Résumés; Career Placement Services Pamphlets; Career Services Résumé Handout (Building Résumés); Career Services Résumé Handout ("It Depends")