Online Consulting Overview

The BYU Writing Center offers online consultations to help meet the needs of BYU students, whose work or study situations make it difficult to access our in-person services. While our program will eventually offer both live chat (synchronous) and email and screencast (asynchronous) feedback for writers, currently only asynchronous consulting is available. Additionally, at this time, online appointments are only available to current BYU campus and BYU Online students.

Online Writing Consultation Overview (Email/Asynchronous)

  1. Schedule an appointment for an online writing consultation via our appointment scheduler. After scheduling an online consultation, you will receive an email with a link to our online consultation intake form.
  2. Complete the intake form and process, being as thorough and detailed as possible.
  3. Submit your entire paper as part of the intake process. Although your consultant will only have time to review five double-spaced pages, having the entire paper provides the consultant with the context needed to give helpful feedback. If your paper is longer than five pages, the consultant will only respond to the first five pages, unless you ask the consultant to look at five specific pages or several portions of your work that combine to approximately five double-spaced pages.
  4. Provide specific and detailed information about the assignment. As part of the intake process, you will submit assignment information. Relevant assignment information includes the assignment description or prompt, oral instructions, sample papers, grading rubrics, etc. These materials will help the consultant provide feedback tailored to your specific assignment and situation. If a written prompt does not exist, a detailed description of the assignment in your own words is acceptable.
  5. Explain the type of feedback you would like to receive. The most useful explanations include specific questions. For example, “Do I provide sufficient analysis and support for my thesis or main idea?” is more helpful than asking “Does my paper make sense?” Likewise, asking “Do I have any run-on sentences or fragments?” is more effective than stating  you “need help with grammar and punctuation.” When you are specific with your concerns, your writing consultant is able to provide better individualized feedback.

Once you have submitted the intake form and uploaded your writing, your appointment will be finalized. You do not need to login to a computer or come into the Writing Center during your scheduled appointment hour. The consultant will take that appointment slot to review and respond to your work via email.

  1. Receive and make best use of feedback. After the writing consultant completes the session, you will receive an email containing responses to your questions, a PDF file of your paper with embedded comments, a feedback form, and a link to a secure, brief YouTube video created by the consultant. As with any Writing Center session, the focus is on learning and making use of writing principles and revision strategies. Consequently, the consultant will not provide line-by-line corrections, but will instead give principle-based feedback tailored to your work. If you do not receive feedback within two hours of your appointment, please contact us.